Neon Rio develops and provides production services, research and filming permits for award winning documentaries, docu-dramas, non-scripted TV, corporate, reality shows and commercials in Brazil.

For over 30 years, the company has been working in more than 500 audiovisual projects, with some of the most respectable networks around the world such as BBC, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, but also for networks and highly respected Independent production companies spread in more than 10 European countries, and films made for China, Japan, South East Asia, and also Australia and New Zealand.

Credits include the Brazilian portions of all BBC David Attenboroug's series, BAFTA awarded Bruce Parry series "Amazon", BBC Michael Palin Journey in Brazil​ ​and​​ ​BBC Journey in South America​ ​with ​Jonathan Dimblebly; ​awarded documentaries such as 70mm “Baraka”, Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and the acclaimed IMAX film "The Blue Planet", which features the Ozone hole's first filming from spaceships. In France Neon Rio is the production company responsible for the production of four "Ushuaia Nature" made in Brazil, presented by Nicholas Hulot and recently for the aerials of "Human, the Movie", directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand. Neon Rio worked on more than 50 films and documentaries featuring over 30 different Brazilian indigenous tribes all over this continental country.

We were also responsible for the Brazilian production of many international music videos, working along with the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, and DJ David Guetta, among others. Some of the reality shows we took part in were The Amazing Race for France and Israel, Temptation Island & ​Missie ​Amazon​e​ for Belgium TV, and "The World Toughest Truckers" and "Naked & Afraid" both for Discovery Channel. 

We have also worked on many international commercials for clients such as Nike, British Airways, DuPont and Yamada and live TV transmissions, such as NBC Today Show from Rio; PBS Live from the Rainforest, and the BBC's Brazilian Carnival.

Neon Rio can hire local film crews and experienced bi-lingual fixers besides manage and pay expenses to speed up production.

​We can liaise with some of the most important government institutions to organize customs clearances, transportation, accommodation and hire film or video equipment. Through our vast experience and expertise we can also provide editorial concepts and deep research on any Brazilian theme.

​We are your FIXERS in Brazil!​

Neon Rio’s Founder & Managing Director

Pajé Yanomami, Dulce Continentino and David Kopenawa

Flavio Somogyi from Neon Rio with Zoe Indigenous people in the Amazon.