Rio, The Race to Green City

Doc Side Production

Bernard Guerrini DIRECTOR
Mathias Frantz Jean Schmitt PRODUCER

Documentary about the interaction between different animal species living in big cities, Rio, New York, Tokio and Paris. In Rio, features species from two of the biggest urban parks in the world: Parque Nacional da Tijuca and Pedra Branca. It also shows the interaction between those species and the locals on their daily routine, in the streets, buildings and urban areas in the city. On the eve of receiving the two biggest sporting events in the world, the Olyimpic Games in 2016 and the World Cup in 2014, Rio faces a dilemma. Front side, the most beautiful city in the world, with its bay, the mountains and the lasgest urban forest in the world. Flip side, once you scratch beneath the mask, it’s a nightmare, with its slums without sanitation, pollution exponential population of 11 million, 5 million cars. Who will win? Paradise or Hell?