ANH Does...

Seven Networks
Paulo Gerard Melville DIRECTOR
Melissa Jean Burt Naclean PRODUCER

Australia’s favourite comedian, Anh Do, travels to Brazil to enjoy Carnival and highlight preparations for the World Cup. The programme shows a group of Brisbane ladies dancing on a float at the biggest party on the planet. Then, Presenter Anh Do goes on a journey to Paraty and São Paulo, then on he meets Cowboys in Central Brazil, a Children’s orchestra in the favela, also visits the singing ladies of the Candomblé, a curious hybrid Afro/Brazilian religion in Salvador. Afterwords, Anh flies to Manaus, heart of the Amazon, to meet river people working to preserve their way of life. Anh Do visits many countries and in each one he explores the diversity of family life, food and the adventures that are available to experience by people of all ages. Anh’s unique personal view of the colours, tastes and sounds of Brazil reveals the rhythms of the country that keeps the whole world dancing.